Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Mysterious World - Fashion Photography

If you have ever purchased various fashion magazines, chances are you look at some pictures in awe, and wonder how some of the models and the clothing can look so perfect. Well, nothing is perfect, of course, so fashion photography is truly considered a mysterious world for those who are not familiar with it.

Fashion photography all starts with a concept. For example, a famous designer is promoting their latest spring fashions, so the goal of fashion photography is to make the fashions looks as desirable as possible so that they will be purchased.

So, the idea is to have the spring fashions be photographed in a field, so it is up to the experts in fashion photography to find a field that looks truly picturesque. Once this field has been found, the next step is to find models that can make the clothing look attractive.

The casting for models is the job of a modeling agency. Or, the designer has a favorite model and requests that they be part of the fashion photography session. The camera adds a couple of pounds to any person, so imagine how ridiculously thin those models you think are too skinny are in real life!

Once the models are at the location, the next important step is to apply makeup. Some designers want a specific look for their models, which is why you might often see models with really different makeup patterns on their face.

Another important facet of fashion photography is the lighting. While cameras can do a lot with their flash, often photographers have to wait until there is just the right amount of sun to capture that picture.

Fashion photography sessions are quite meticulous, and often last the entire day. Many pictures are taken of the models, and the best of which are chosen for the magazine. It should be noted that these pictures are often highly edited. Models can be pretty, but they do not have flawless skin. That is thanks to the magic of editing software.

Do not rely just on a picture, actually go to the store if possible and see the fashions for yourself, because often clothing looks one way in a photograph, and then completely different when seen in a store. If you are thinking about buying some fashionable clothing, fashion photography is a great way to give you some ideas.

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