Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fashion Photography - An Art Form Aimed at the Perfect Shot

A picture is worth a thousand words because photography tells a story without the need for words. Visual images have the power to cross boundaries and borders, but what does it take to get that perfect shot?

Often times it takes a skilled staff of trained professionals with a clear vision, a smart itinerary, combined with a beautiful human form to recreate a dream, a fantasy, a campaign, art. To get that "image," a poignant proposition usually requires meticulous lighting, a stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, accessories, a beautiful model, a brilliant photographer, a set, inspiration and a dedication to art.

So much time is spent preparing, researching, and executing. A meeting of the minds must take place, a gathering of sheer creativity. There is no special formula, or magic potion, rather it takes individual components and a team effort for all involved to create that energy, that magic which is transformed to life.

Let us not kid ourselves here people, fashion like any industry is driven by the purchase power of a product. Yet what happens when it is not about the money, not about the end, but rather the means, when the goal is to make you look twice, awe, celebrate beauty and provoke the mind.

When photography is about art, it's all about taking a chance, daring to create something moving, visceral and timeless. It takes passion, commitment, time, and a love of the art. It is as much history as any codified form. Photography moves, changes and bewitches. Often times the most moving, life altering images are nothing more than lucky moments of time captured by a watchful eye, a photographer with a keen sense of heightened reality. Sometimes it isn't the production of the circus that it can so easily become, sometimes you are lucky and you get the right people with a right talent and passion to get the shot.

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