Sunday, March 18, 2012

Becoming a Fashion Photographer: More Than Just Photography

We see the fashion magazines lining the shelves at various stores. We see fashion tips and designers featured on celebrity shows and Hollywood publications. We take a look at the reviews of each designer throughout each high profile fashion week. These are all images captured by a fashion photographer. Fashion photography is among one of the most highly coveted careers in both the fashion world and the photography world. It requires a photography degree and plenty of experience.

When paging through publications such as Vogue or Vanity Fair, few take the time to think about the time, work, effort, and talent that was required to capture each photograph. It requires having a strong eye for fashion, style, art, and of course, photography. A fashion photographer uses all they have learned while obtaining their photography degree and utilizes it to create an exceptional portfolio of their talent and experiences in the fashion world.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Mysterious World - Fashion Photography

If you have ever purchased various fashion magazines, chances are you look at some pictures in awe, and wonder how some of the models and the clothing can look so perfect. Well, nothing is perfect, of course, so fashion photography is truly considered a mysterious world for those who are not familiar with it.

Fashion photography all starts with a concept. For example, a famous designer is promoting their latest spring fashions, so the goal of fashion photography is to make the fashions looks as desirable as possible so that they will be purchased.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ideas For Fashion Photography

There are a million different concepts and ideas when it comes to fashion photography. It is a highly searched term, and many of the ideas really depend on if you are doing an editorial or fashion project for kids or adults. I have listed below some ideas, that may help you get your ideas going as well.

White Backdrop.

One of the most classic fashion photography settings is a simple white backdrop. It is one of my personal favorites! So clean and classy, you can't go wrong, or can you? Well yes you can, unless you are a professional photographer, you probably shouldn't attempt a white backdrop. It is so simple, yet so difficult to edit. The RGB color for white is "ffffff" and that is very difficult to get without blowing out your subject. Do your research, or if you already know how to shoot against a white backdrop, then don't over think "fashion photography", sometimes simple is best.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fashion Photography - An Art Form Aimed at the Perfect Shot

A picture is worth a thousand words because photography tells a story without the need for words. Visual images have the power to cross boundaries and borders, but what does it take to get that perfect shot?

Often times it takes a skilled staff of trained professionals with a clear vision, a smart itinerary, combined with a beautiful human form to recreate a dream, a fantasy, a campaign, art. To get that "image," a poignant proposition usually requires meticulous lighting, a stylist, makeup artist, hair stylist, accessories, a beautiful model, a brilliant photographer, a set, inspiration and a dedication to art.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Power of Fashion Photography

In 1856 Adolphe Braun published photographs of Countess di Castiglione, an Italian courtesan known to be a mistress of Emperor Napoleon III. The Countess commissioned photographs of herself in various signature poses, often fully garbed in court attire. The photographs are widely viewed as the first examples of fashion photography with Countess di Castiglione as the first fashion model. At this point in history photography was emerging as an exciting new way to document events. More creative minds saw the artistic potential.

The Countess saw an opportunity to feed her narcissistic needs by showing, sharing and loving her apparent rare beauty. She used her feminine instinct for flattering dress and sensual movements as a tool in creating groundbreaking images for Adolphe Braun (and others) to photograph. The rush of adrenaline the Countess must have felt upon viewing the photos must have been intoxicating, as she spent her entire personal fortune on the pursuit of re-creating moments in her life.

The story of the Countess di Castiglione is very indicative of the power of photography and its effects on the subject to be photographed. Narcissistic or not, it is quite an experience to see oneself from a different point of view and in a flattering manner. Our self-esteem is heightened, our ego becomes even slightly inflated and perhaps we find ourselves walking a little taller. Let us turn to the photographer. The person behind the camera is as necessary as the subject. He or she knows how to manipulate the subject, either physically or emotionally in order to achieve that one single moment of perfection and capture it on film.

Even with technology, there is a great amount of skill involved. Beyond lighting, location and coloring, there are the rare and hidden skills of making your subjects feel at ease, bringing out the best in them and finding their inner spark. Then to be able to bring it all together in a breathtaking series of photographs is truly an art. Like any artist, there is an intensely powerful appreciation for one's work. He or she has taken a person, some clothing and a setting, and transformed it into an image that speaks a thousand words in a thousand different languages to millions of people - without making a sound. That is a powerful talent.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Fashion Photography, Some History

Magazines such as Allure, Vogue and Vanity Fair are known to display some of the best fashion photography that you will ever come across. Photography is a way of showcasing models wearing the trends in clothes, jewelry, sunglasses, hairstyles, necklaces, shoes and other items. The first known record of fashion photography was the portfolio of the Countess de Castiglione, Virginia Oldoini in 1856. The world's first fashion photographer was Adolphe Braun, as he was the one responsible for shooting the first fashion model. Spark and color were added to fashion magazines once halftone printing was introduced to the fashion photography industry. The first magazines to make use of fashion photography were the French magazines Les Mode and La Mode Practique.

At first, fashion photography consisted of staging the shoots in natural environments using natural poses. Baron Adolf de Meyer was the person who first developed and adopted this practice. In the first part of the 20the century, the magazines that were the leaders were Harper's Bazaar and Vogue. The moguls of the industry still pay tribute to the likes of Yva, Edward Steichen and Cecil Beaton, and George Hoyningen Huene. These were the individuals who help to establish fashion photography in Europe. Irving Penn, Richard Avedon and Martin Munkacsi made significant contributions after World War II.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

What Is Fashion Photography?

With more and more people into photography and with more and more people wanting to have their own photo shoot experience these days, it's also likely that people have false or insufficient information about the various types of photography. Take fashion photography for instance. While it's true that many people have their own version of it, it's also possible that their idea or notion of fashion photography is insufficient or worse, entirely wrong. This, of course, is not good.

Hence, in order to clear things up about exactly what fashion photography is, let's take a look at its history, the fun and stylish details and even talk about the players involved in fashion. You might be surprised at what you will find out.

First of all, fashion photography is a genre of photography. It's not what photography is all about. It's just a sub-type of photography. From the name itself, one can deduce that fashion photo shoots has something to do with clothes, accessories, shoes and other fashion items. Because of its image of being "glamorous," "stylish," "fun" and even "lucrative," fashion photography has become an industry entirely on its own. Photographers involved in fashion are, of course, called fashion photographers. A lot of fashion photographers have already started and developed careers entirely involving fashion photo shoots. Several talented ones have already succeeded in this photography genre. Take note, however, that not all photographers can be fashion photographers. And this is for the simple reason that not all photographers have enough skill, connections, "eye" and - while this may sound rather odd for many - patience to last as a fashion photographer.